Get To Know Us

Voyage Candle Co was born out of a love for travel and a... lack of funds to do so. Instead of looking through pictures of the places I had already been, I decided to use smell to help me relive the experiences that I had when I was traveling. I also started to experiment with new scents to imagine what it would be like to visit places I had never been to before. This process of experimenting with smells helped ease my wanderlust but also left me with an excess of all sorts of candles. Family and friends can only have so many candles before they encourage you to find alternatives to gifting them, and so Voyage Candle Co was born!

We chose to use eco-friendly materials because that is something that we look for in our other everyday products and would expect nothing less from a candle. Our wicks are wood and lead-free cotton, our soy wax is US grown and a renewable resource and the containers that our candles come in can be cleaned and reused for storage or décor. 

The goal of this company is to not only provide stylish and good smelling candles, but to help others keep the travel bug at bay. Whether you want to relive a wonderful family vacation or pretend you're on your honeymoon again, let us help.